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Vedic & Modern Astrology are of divine help to human being with the help of planets & stars placed as per birth chart to find out the forthcoming events in life. One can know the timing of monetary losses, health problems, disharmony, hurdles in career, differences in partnerships (either in business or life), lack of vigor, unseen events and many more negative moments during one's life. Astrology helps to encounter all the miseries of life well in time. An astrologer can guide about one's love life, professional career, family, finances and many more aspects of life through accurate calculations of placing of Navgrahas.

Now, the best option to overcome the negativities of birth chart is remedial pujas/rituals. navgrahapuja.in is the best online portal for effective pujas/rituals, at navgrahapuja.in every puja/ritual has been performed by learned pandits in Haridwar (the gateway to GOD) piously as suggested by astrologers in strict accordance to vedic style & procedures mentioned in Hindu Mythology & Vedas.

why navgrahapuja.in

navgrahapuja.in is a team of experienced renowned Astrologers, Vastu & Tarrot Card experts for accurate predictions & qualified Acharyas, Shashtris, Pandits under guidance/supervision of Acharaya Bal Mukund Jagatnath Ramanujdas ji to conduct various remedial vedic pujas & rituals as per procedure, precepts, rules, manuals, compendium described in Hindu Methodology on the bank of pious & holy river Ganges in Haridwar/Rishikesh. We perform pujas, jaaps & rituals very traditionally & honestly; the items used/required for such rituals are pure & natural to enhance its effect. There are no other hidden charges besides mentioned rates/charges on portal, the charges are including of puja samagri & dakshina of pandits. We also perform all other types of pujas, jaaps & rituals which are not mentioned on portal, please contact us for details.

Preferably, the presence of Jataka (the concerned) is required during the start day & last day of puja but due to busy schedule the rituals can be conducted without Jataka (details required as mentioned in Puja Booking Form). If someone wants to be present during the puja, navgrahapuja.in will assist for necessary arrangements for stay, food, travel, etc. on actuals.

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